Community Health & Nutrition Programs

Kinbridge Community Association in partnership with the Region of Waterloo, Public Health offers several programs in our community that are planned and facilitated by peer mentors.  The Peer Program is a Region of Waterloo Public Health initiative that aims to build community and individual capacity using peer programs.

PLEASE NOTE: The Peer Program is currently operating online over Zoom, with the exception of Cuchina, which is currently being offered in-person at the Christopher Champlain Cultivating Community Garden, just behind 125 Champlain Boulevard, every Wednesday afternoon 1:30-2:30, during the summer of 2021.

Topics include nutrition, cooking, parenting, etc.  The majority of these programs are offered free of charge and generally run once a week.  Please email to find out what programs are currently running.

The goals of the Peer Program are:

  1. To use peer based approaches to provide communities and neighbourhoods with the knowledge and skills to increase the overall health of parents or caregivers and their children.
  2. To prevent and reduce feelings of isolation felt by parents and caregivers.
  3. To increase individual capacity by providing Community Nutrition Workers and program participants with knowledge and skills around food security issues.

Kinbridge Community Association, through the support of the Region of Waterloo is able to host a variety of programs led by local peer workers, who are trained in program delivery in a community based setting.  These programs are offered free of charge to neighbourhood residents, are flexible to meet the needs of residents, and provide opportunities for social interaction while learning new skills.

Women’s Nutrition and Friends Group

This group runs weekly and focuses on healthy eating and nutrition for families.  The Peer Health Worker will teach participants how to cook healthy recipes, and how to adapt existing recipes with healthier ingredients. A fun afternoon to meet other women and have great conversation.

Fun Food Friends!

The program runs weekly. The program content and structure is dependent on the wants and needs of the group.  Anticipated topics of discussion are childcare, food and nutrition, health and fitness programs.  The group provides an opportunity to communicate with each other and it helps reduce the social isolation that the women are feeling.

Coffee, Tea and Taking Care of Me

This program runs weekly. In 2022, this program will include time for social interaction and learning about physical fitness and wellness for the entire family. Com out to our main location, where you will meet in our gym and other areas of our community centre. Children are welcome. Please note: Child-minding is not available at this time.

Kinbridge Cuchina 
Located at the Main location’s “Cuchina” (kitchen).  Our Peer Health Worker (PHW) plans and coordinates a weekly food preparation program.  Each week the PHW will work with community members to prepare nutritious meals to be taken home to provide a meal for the family.  Group members will be cooking larger quantities so everyone can take some home.  Depending on the recipe of the week, participants may be asked to contribute a minimal amount to help cover the costs of ingredients.

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