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Meet Joan

By June 23, 2016March 24th, 2017All Posts

Kinbridge_PamCan you tell me about Kinbridge?

I’ve been involved with Kinbridge since 2005. I came off the board of directors from Southwood and moved onto the Board of Kinbridge. I’m here because I know what the programs that Kinbridge does for our community and I support that 100%. They do all sorts of recreational programs for kids of all ages.

They have programs moms and tots, afterschool programs, camps in the summer. They do the whole age and now I believe they are starting to serve seniors. It’s meeting the community’s needs. From my past work I know that some of the things that are needed for kids are affordable recreation for kids and camps in the summer. I know that they need to meet people and be in groups of people and working towards a goal. Good things and helping out in their community. I think the community garden is a wonderful thing that Kinbridge has in connection with the school and community and that kind of helps our community grow caring for each other basically.

Why do you keep being connected?

I truly believe in it. I believe in the work that it does and I just think it’s a wonderful thing in our community and I want to support it.