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Meet Pam

By June 23, 2016March 24th, 2017All Posts

Say hello to Pam, office manager and nine year veteran at Kinbridge. She speaks about Kinbridge warm-heartedly.  Pam starts by saying “Kinbridge is very grassroots based, it provides social, recreation and education programs to the community. Great place to work, great staff, great programs, lots of opportunities for everyone.”

She was asked what connects her to Kinbridge and explains she has a step son and great nephew that access some programs at Kinbridge. As well, the organization allows her to utilize her skills, experiences and education and allows her to enhance them by giving her even more education in the field and useful experience. She loves being able to use her creativity in many ways here.

A jack of all trades she handles the Kinbridge office with a professional touch. She keeps everything organized and uses her skills to keep the financial and administrative aspects (like registration and so on) of the office running smoothly. She has used her skills with Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word extensively to create charts to assist the organization in tracking information in all its goings on; for example she created a chart to keep track of hours worked, lieu hours accumulated and many other important points of information.

From some graphic designing (like tickets for events) to data bases, she’s been providing Kinbridge with the means to keep track of everything in an efficient and creative manner. She’s used her mind to take care of Kinbridge problems and programs and become connected to Kinbridge through As mentioned before, she has a stepson and nephew that keep her connected to Kinbridge. Pam’s stepson is in Kinbridge summer camps and participates in some of the cooking programs. She’s excited to say next year he will be a part of the [lead] program. Her nephew has just started with the “My First Dance Class” program and is taking part in the “Get Ready for School” programs as well.

What keeps Pam involved with KCA is what the organization stands for, “I just love the idea of Kinbridge and its whole purpose and how it serves the community. It’s good to its staff, staff works well together and it’s a great team environment.” During her nine years here she’s found the growth over that time at Kinbridge fascinating. The three sites and community have expanded so much and Pam is happy to see this.

She continues, “I love what I do. I love my job, I love my coworkers. It’s a good place to come, I have no problem getting up in the morning and coming to work.” Pam finishes the interview by saying, “I’ve had many, many jobs and this is, more or less, you could say is my dream job… This is where I’ve been most content.”