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Dear Kinbridge Community,

With gratitude and admiration, and on behalf of the Board of Directors, I have the honour to announce the retirement of Joe-Ann McComb as of December 2023 – an extraordinary leader who has dedicated 18 years to Kinbridge Community Association.

Throughout her tenure, Joe-Ann has personified the spirit of service, channeling her passion and tireless efforts to drive positive change and make a lasting impact in our community. With an unwavering commitment to the mission, vision and values, she consistently energized those around her, leaving an unforgettable mark on the hearts and minds of all staff and volunteers, participants and funders, and community members alike.

Under Joe-Ann’s leadership, the organization has flourished and achieved unprecedented milestones, reminding us of the vision when the path seemed uncertain. Her ability to motivate and empower others has fostered an inclusive and collaborative culture that drives creativity, innovation, and commitment to the community.

Joe-Ann possesses the qualities of a true role model and mentor. Her empathetic nature, commitment to listening, and unwavering support of humans and positive change, has created an environment that values personal growth, ensuring that every member of the community feels included and valued.

Before Joe-Ann retires in December, she will work with the Board of Directors as we embark on transitioning to a Co-Executive Director Leadership Model. She will work closely with Taylor Bulstrode and Zeri Zigeta our current Managers of Community and Social Development and Social Services as they transition into this new model of Leadership at Kinbridge.

The Board of Directors is confident that Joe-Ann’s legacy and the leadership she has provided will guide Kinbridge in achieving future ambitions of positive impacts.

As we express our gratitude for her achievements, we extend our warmest wishes for a fulfilling and joyful retirement. May this new chapter be filled with happiness, adventure, and well-deserved relaxation. We hope Joe-Ann takes pride in the lessons and leadership she leaves behind and the countless lives she has positively impacted.

With heartfelt appreciation and deep admiration,


Megan Rooney, Chair, Board of Directors

Kinbridge Community Association


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