KCA Youth Champion

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abdul1Abdul was recognized as the 2016 Youth Volunteer of the Year in the Southwood Neighbourhood. He is such a positive asset for our Youth Committee.  Abdul is friendly, punctual and willing to pitch in wherever he is needed.  We look forward to work with you and endless supply of amazing ideas. Thank you Abdul!

The Amazing Balloon Artist

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balloonChris is a local literary enthusiast who lives in the area of Southwood Resource Centre. While visiting SRC the first time he had the opportunity to help staff with after school snack. While chatting and mingling with many of our local youth Chris was hooked into the beauty and diversity of the centre and our neighbors and has been an avid volunteer ever since.

Using his artistic talents to bring joy to the faces of young and old, Chris comes to the centre with pockets of balloons and creative genius. As large crowds of children form around him you can see the happiness this chaotic event creates for all who are there. I am pretty sure most of us here can now proudly announce we can create a balloon sword from our lessons with Chris.

Thank you Chris!

Freezie’s for Everyone!

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John is a friendly volunteer with KCA who donated his time assisting us with some heavier maintenance we needed in our Southwood Resource Centre. On one afternoon while here it was incredibly hot and humid in our centre and outside. He noticed all the children who played inside and outside of our community centre and shared in helping staff hand out snacks to the many kids who come in.

John went home that eve and shared his heartwarming and fun afternoon with his sister Teresa, a local school teacher in the City of Cambridge. They decided it would be a great opportunity for them to help out. John and Teresa purchased and donated enough freezies to last an entire summer in both of our resource centres to help our young friends keep cool on our hot and humid days.

Thank you John and Teresa.

Meet Pam

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Say hello to Pam, office manager and nine year veteran at Kinbridge. She speaks about Kinbridge warm-heartedly.  Pam starts by saying “Kinbridge is very grassroots based, it provides social, recreation and education programs to the community. Great place to work, great staff, great programs, lots of opportunities for everyone.”

She was asked what connects her to Kinbridge and explains she has a step son and great nephew that access some programs at Kinbridge. As well, the organization allows her to utilize her skills, experiences and education and allows her to enhance them by giving her even more education in the field and useful experience. She loves being able to use her creativity in many ways here.

A jack of all trades she handles the Kinbridge office with a professional touch. She keeps everything organized and uses her skills to keep the financial and administrative aspects (like registration and so on) of the office running smoothly. She has used her skills with Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word extensively to create charts to assist the organization in tracking information in all its goings on; for example she created a chart to keep track of hours worked, lieu hours accumulated and many other important points of information.

From some graphic designing (like tickets for events) to data bases, she’s been providing Kinbridge with the means to keep track of everything in an efficient and creative manner. She’s used her mind to take care of Kinbridge problems and programs and become connected to Kinbridge through As mentioned before, she has a stepson and nephew that keep her connected to Kinbridge. Pam’s stepson is in Kinbridge summer camps and participates in some of the cooking programs. She’s excited to say next year he will be a part of the [lead] program. Her nephew has just started with the “My First Dance Class” program and is taking part in the “Get Ready for School” programs as well.

What keeps Pam involved with KCA is what the organization stands for, “I just love the idea of Kinbridge and its whole purpose and how it serves the community. It’s good to its staff, staff works well together and it’s a great team environment.” During her nine years here she’s found the growth over that time at Kinbridge fascinating. The three sites and community have expanded so much and Pam is happy to see this.

She continues, “I love what I do. I love my job, I love my coworkers. It’s a good place to come, I have no problem getting up in the morning and coming to work.” Pam finishes the interview by saying, “I’ve had many, many jobs and this is, more or less, you could say is my dream job… This is where I’ve been most content.”

Meet Scott

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_DSC8949_scottTell me about Kinbridge?

Kinbridge community association is a fantastic community organization that works in the community around Churchill park and Southwood resource centre they do a lot of great work with the community there. They do fantastic activities like Bike rodeos, or sports nights and summer camps which I’m more involved with. Kinbridge works hard in outreaching to a variety of communities and diverse community members which is really fantastic.

When did you first get involved?

I started working for Kinbridge three years ago when I started with their summer camps and I did some volunteering with their other events and since then I’ve been kind of hooked you could say and I’ve been doing stuff with them throughout the three years. I work at the summer camps which are long shift days but you have such high energy just from the staff and the environment around here and that’s really fantastic so you just keep going. From then I kind of did the afterschool programs once in a while and sports nights that have such a different feel. The community aspect and the working with kids is something that I really enjoy and I really like working with Kinbridge for.

I like to say I have an impact on the kids. It’s hard to tell with certain kids because how they react but for the most part you I find that working with the kids is really really good especially in summer camp you can see their growth throughout the summer or throughout the week that they are there, and it’s really great to see how they start the beginning of the week or night and where they are at the end of the week or the end of the night. Sometimes the change is they are more shy and then become more open or they are more willing to try new things or interact with other peers. Or maybe even civil disputes that they had in the beginning of the week and are open to more new ideas which is just fantastic to see.

Meet Joan

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Kinbridge_PamCan you tell me about Kinbridge?

I’ve been involved with Kinbridge since 2005. I came off the board of directors from Southwood and moved onto the Board of Kinbridge. I’m here because I know what the programs that Kinbridge does for our community and I support that 100%. They do all sorts of recreational programs for kids of all ages.

They have programs moms and tots, afterschool programs, camps in the summer. They do the whole age and now I believe they are starting to serve seniors. It’s meeting the community’s needs. From my past work I know that some of the things that are needed for kids are affordable recreation for kids and camps in the summer. I know that they need to meet people and be in groups of people and working towards a goal. Good things and helping out in their community. I think the community garden is a wonderful thing that Kinbridge has in connection with the school and community and that kind of helps our community grow caring for each other basically.

Why do you keep being connected?

I truly believe in it. I believe in the work that it does and I just think it’s a wonderful thing in our community and I want to support it.

Meet Faaiza

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Can you tell me about Kinbridge?

What I love about Kinbridge is that when I first got hired on here everyone was so friendly and so inviting. I felt like I was immersed or love or something. Because everyone was just so kind and I was not expecting that because whenever it may be that’s something completely foreign and you are new to it, you always have assumptions and stuff like that and you don’t know how it’s going to be. But Kinbridge like exceeded all my expectations, It was wonderful, I had the most heartfelt like warm welcome onto the team.

When did you first get involved?

I got involved with Kinbridge in 2014.

Why do you keep being connected?

I think because I made so many new friends like co-workers. I don’t even consider them as co-workers anymore because we’re like literally friends and we do things outside of program. And I’ve met so many cool people and unique people in the community as well so whether it’s the kids that we work with or the parents we work with whatever it may be. Whoever we have come in contact with have been like wonderful. They have given us a lot of good feedback about Kinbridge too which is just kind of shows you that it’s a good sign that you’re in a good spot right now.

Meet Kaitlyn

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Can you tell me about Kinbridge?

I don’t even know what to say, somebody has to be here to know what it is to know exactly what it is to get the gist of it. It’s like it’s community built, they’re there to help, not away from you, they are there to give to you. They do afterschool programs, bike rodeos, drop ins, family outreach, inREACH, all that.

A lot of programs I have to think about it. All the afterschools, the foodbank downstairs, help with clothes, grocery cards and stuff.

When did you first get involved?

Kinbridge sent me to summer camp when I was ten, sent me to Timmies camp and then I was an LIT. Then I’m here afterschool, summer camp, bike rodeo. Get paid now as a leader.

Why do you keep being connected?

Everyone smiles. Nobody’s grouchy. Get involved.

Meet Sadia and Abdul

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_DSC8883_featureCan you tell me about Kinbridge?

Kinbridge is very good organization, association offer a lot of services help people the get help for every culture get help for diverse people and is helping a lot to help out people from different kinds of situation, they get help with housing, get help to settle down, sometime there are big barriers to, like language and others to settle down and they help a lot in every kind of help.

When did you first get involved?

I got involved, before that, I was looking for kind of this organization or this place I go to chat with my friends and take myself from isolation and some time I feel very depressed and I want to come out to have a group of people who want to discuss about this country the language, about culture, I have a lot of barriers and many new things I want to learn about I start coming to the centre and I got a lot of help and I feel I get out of my depression and I feel very helpful and I didn’t think to come to here and It was a very good experience for me.

Why do you keep being connected?

_DSC8887I am still connected to this community as I was coming here and I got a lot of help, in housing, to settle down my family and to get out of my isolation and I feel more social and then I start working as a volunteer with Breakfast Club, it give me a lot of satisfaction and healing and I feel so nice to work with the small kids and when we serve them hot breakfast I feel very satisfied and very good and I want to keep myself involved with this organization. My director and my supervisor, they offer me to come to some training and come to this organization so I feel very nice. Now I feel more happy and more satisfied. I work with a small group of ladies and we come together and we cook together and chat together and we have a lot of fun and then I sometime I feel that I am one of, from these ladies getting help and I feel so nice and I see that they are getting what I got from this community!