Working together to make Cambridge and the surrounding area a healthy, vibrant place where our neighbours can connect, belong, and thrive.

Join us June 1st for Neighbourhood Day!

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We Provide…

 Community spaces where everyone can enjoy, engage, and build strong relationships

 Recreational programs for all ages, based on community input

 Opportunities for local youth to train and develop into community leaders

 Newcomer support to help immigrants and refugees to build connection and belonging in their new home

 Food for the community through our community gardens, food cupboards, and other initiatives

Tutoring and Early Years Learning support, giving our neighbours the educational resources to be all they can be

Events that bring the greater community together to celebrate

And more! Through our partnerships and relationships, we are always working on new ways to support the community. If you have an idea for how we can help bring the Cambridge community together, let us know here!

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